martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

    Just some words

    I do, I'm gonna confess, I do.
    I do miss you strongly.
    I wish you were here surrounding me
    like the old days,
    in which you were my eyes, you were my world
    but i've already accepted that
    everything is gone.
    I still try to recreate our moments on my mind,
    living them again.
    trying to feel you again
    trying to listen to you, whispering on my ears.
    touching me softly, like thousands
    of flames embracing my body
    giving it shape, defining it.
    Those days are gone for ever with you
    my dear.

    Lineas a destiempo, de un momento erróneo, cuando la lava aun no se solidificaba sobre el mar, extrañando volver al fondo de la tierra. Lo comparto con ustedes.

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